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We trust law enforcement and government officials not only to enforce the law, but to follow it as well.

There is no question that law enforcement officials have an extremely difficult and often dangerous job and they perform that job well most of the time, but there are unfortunate instances when law enforcement officers are the ones breaking the law. In the past, we have sought justice for many of our client’s against large municipalities including:

  • City of Rochester,

  • County of Monroe &

  • State of New York


The Woodworth Law Firm helps those who have been injured by law enforcement and government officials who acted above and beyond the scope of their duties including:


  • Excessive Force Claims: Excessive force occurs when the physical force used by law enforcement to detain or arrest someone is considered more than what is necessary for the situation.


  • False Arrest/False Imprisonment Claims: Generally speaking, false arrest/false imprisonment means physically detaining someone against his or her will without the legal right to do so.


  • Malicious Prosecution Claims: Under the law, you have the right to be free from a criminal prosecution for a crime unless the law enforcement or government official who causes the charge to be made against you has probable cause to believe you committed each and every crime for which you are being charged. Such claims can be pursued as a "Malicious Prosecution Claim." Malicious prosecution is not restricted to criminal cases, but any criminal or civil case where you are falsely prosecuted or sued.


  • Prisoner Rights Claims: The United States Constitution recognizes and declares that each person is endowed with certain rights which can never be taken away from them. These rights extend even to people who have committed crimes serious enough to warrant a prison sentence including wrongful confinement, failure to provide proper medical care, failure to protect, and use of excessive force.  


  • Due Process Violation Claims: Due Process is the legal requirement that the state must respect all of the legal rights that are owed to a person. When a government harms a person without strictly following legal requirements, this constitutes a “Due Process” violation.


  • Equal Protection Violation Claims: The Equal Protection Clause prohibits the government and its agencies from denying any person the equal protection of the law. In other words, the government must treat a person in the same manner as other people in similar conditions and circumstances.


  • First Amendment Retaliation Claims: The First Amendment protects the right to be free from government abridgment of speech. When the government, including a government employer, takes an adverse action against a citizen in retaliation for exercising their constitutional right to freedom of speech, this constitutes a “First Amendment Retaliation” violation. 


For you to be successful in these cases, you need an aggressive, knowledgeable, experienced attorney who not only knows the law, but who can argue effectively that you deserve compensation for your injuries.


If you’ve had your civil rights violated by law enforcement or government officials, The Woodworth Law Firm can help you obtain fair compensation for your injuries.


Because of the strict time limitations within which you must act to preserve your legal claims, you should not delay consulting with legal counsel.