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Social Security isn't only a retirement program, it's a disability program as well. You paid taxes on your earnings while you were working and you have the right to collect disability benefits from Social Security if you can't work.


If you are suffering from car accident injuries, a serious physical or mental illness, or any medical condition that keeps you from working, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, which can help you recover and get back to work.


The application and review process to receive SSD benefits in New York State takes time, effort and attention to detail. Applying for SSD benefits is a complicated process and can be frustrating due to common SSD application mistakes that will delay or even prevent individuals from receiving SSD payments.


The Woodworth Law Firm can assist you through the complex procedures to ensure compliance with New York State SSD laws.


If you’re injured and cannot work, contact The Woodworth Law Firm so we can talk to you about the issues you face, the applicable laws and the ways that we can help you move on and revitalize your life.


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